Mindful Eating Program

Our relationship with food is sensitive and complicated as we eat for so many different reasons other than being hungry!

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is not a diet or weight loss plan; it is a way of relating to food and to your body that is compassionate and balanced, and helps you cultivate a healthier relationship with food.

Who is it For?

Mindful eating is for everyone; and for all who struggle with managing food cravings, grazing, overeating, binge eating and emotional eating.

No previous experience with mindfulness, meditation or yoga are required.   

Mindful eating is not the first line treatment for people who have a serious eating disorder.

This program is not psychotherapy and is not intended to treat mental health issues.

What you will Learn

  • Incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life

  • Incorporate evidence-based mindful eating techniques into daily life in order to cultivate a healthier relationship with food

  • Gain greater awareness of the relationship between thoughts, emotions and eating, and how to respond to these with greater balance and flexibility

  • Learn how to give your body the nutrients you need to enhance your well-being, increase your energy, reduce stress on your digestive system as well as  your mental and emotional systems

  • Understand how to balance knowledge about healthy nutrition with your unique needs and lifestyle

  • Enjoy and celebrate food including eating food for the right occasion; this helps reduce food cravings

  • How to cultivate a positive body image

  • Learn breathing techniques to enhance and stimulate your digestion

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me and I will help you customize a plan that works best for you as an individual or for your group.