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One-on-one sessions are tailored to your specific needs, health concerns, mobility challenges, injuries, interests  and individual goals.

Stress management & Emotional Regulation- Learn mindfulness techniques to help you navigate life's challenges with more  ease and find peace in your heart and life.  

Weight management - Learn mindful eating techniques to help you manage and lose excess weight. 

Therapeutic techniques - Mindfulness, pranayama (breath work), restorative yoga with hands on shiatsu massage are examples of what I employ and teach you to bring healing relief if you are going through a chronic condition, whether emotional or physical. I can help you return  to a more balanced and peaceful life.

Functional Range Conditioning - A system of training which applies scientific methods to the acquisition & maintenance of your functional mobility, articular resilience and articular health & longevity. 

New yogis - Starting private sessions give them confidence, as they learn the foundation poses with techniques, alignments, strength-building tools and modifications to support them in their journey.

Advanced yogis - Private sessions help develop personal growth and take your practice to the next level,  through improving strength and flexibility or working towards poses that might be inspiring or challenging.

After a long lengthy chemotherapy and radiation journey I decided to take myself to internal strength and healing.  Many people suggested yoga and I was very skeptical at first.  This is when I joined Rajaa’s classes and everything changed in my life.

Rajaa takes the time to talk in her class to explain why a particular pose should be done the benefits of breathing and the different sequence that can help ease pain in various parts of body.  Slowly and steadily I started following her to all her classes.  Once we started talking I knew she was the person who would help in my recovery. 

I started in November 2018 my one to one sessions with her working on my breath work and releasing my body through restorative poses and shiatsu massage.  It is almost a year now that she is working with me... I can say now that she got me back my legs that I lost all sensation in them due to the all the treatments that I underwent.

On one side the sensation is back, and on the other side due to the breathing techniques (pranayama) my lung capacity has increased.  My doctors have seen a tremendous change in the readings of my lung tests.

She also helped me lose and manage my weight through explaining and suggesting healthier food options.


Viashali Shroff

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