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Rajaa Azouqa Yoga

Rajaa is an incredible yoga mentor and teacher. She brings authenticity, discipline, personality and a sense of inner peace to every class. Her energy, positive attitude and true passion in wanting to educate and inspire others, flows through her teachings and is highly contagious!

She is constantly challenging and empowering us to meet our true potential without pressure or judgement. Every single one of her classes I leave feeling rejuvenated with a true sense of calm.

Rajaa's technical skills are extremely apparent, however, her humility, people skills, social intelligence and empathy are what make her exceptional.

Her classes are a major highlight in my weekly routine and have contributed significantly to my health and well being.

If you are looking for a positive addition or change in your world, I highly recommend you come out and join Rajaa in one of her many classes or workshops. It would be a true gift to yourself.

Donna Barker

After a long lengthy chemotherapy and radiation journey I decided to take myself to internal strength and healing.  Many people suggested yoga and I was very skeptical at first.  This is when I joined Rajaa’s classes and everything changed in my life.

Rajaa takes the time to talk in her class to explain why a particular pose should be done the benefits of breathing and the different sequence that can help ease pain in various parts of body.  Slowly and steadily I started following her to all her classes.  Once we started talking I knew she was the person who would help in my recovery. 

I started in November 2018 my one to one sessions with her working on my breath work and releasing my body through restorative poses and shiatsu massage.  It is almost a year now that she is working with me... I can say now that she got me back my legs that I lost all sensation in them due to the all the treatments that I underwent.

On one side the sensation is back, and on the other side due to the breathing techniques (pranayama) my lung capacity has increased.  My doctors have seen a tremendous change in the readings of my lung tests.

She also helped me lose and manage my weight through explaining and suggesting healthier food options.


Viashali Shroff

Thank you so much for your amazing classes! I really enjoy your teaching style. I’ve been able to learn so much from you, do new things I’ve never done before, become stronger and feel more at peace in a way that feels different from taking other classes.

I’ve also spoken to other people who have taken your classes and we all share that same sentiment.

Thank you for challenging us to embrace each pose during the very last second/breath and not allowing ourselves to release until you tell us to.

Thank you for being aware of other medical conditions and providing alternatives for them (ie high blood pressure - even though I don’t have it, I always feel like you’re taking good care of us when you mention it).

Thank you for emphasizing the poses that help to relieve stress/anxiety/depression. I’m sure it helps people feel a greater sense of calmness when you explain it.

Thank you for always changing it up and making it feel like we’re all constantly growing together.

I’m so grateful to have you as a teacher and to learn from you! I’m excited to see what you do next!

Catherine Nguyen

Having Rajaa as a teacher has changed my mindset and body tremendously in the most positive way. I find a sense of ease in myself after attending each class that I can never seem to find anywhere else or with any other teacher. The way she teaches is so soothing that it makes me want to challenge but at the same time love and respect my body. I look forward to her classes every week, there is always something new to learn and it just happens to be exactly what I needed at the moment.

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend a yoga retreat with Rajaa. The entire experience was spectacular, the food, flows, bonding sessions, breathing exercises, and peaceful atmosphere will always be cherished. She is hands down the best teacher I've ever had!

Alicia Balgobind

I've been attending Rajaa's classes for about a year now and I instantly fell in love with her style, passion and vast knowledge.

Being a yoga teacher myself without a lot of teaching experience, she not only helps me with my personal practice to gain focus strength and flexibility but is a wonderful mentor in my teaching game as well. Her cues are on point, precise and informative. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and bio-mechanics.

Her in depth knowledge and experience allow me to feel safe and also allow me to challenge myself in a safe, fun and exciting atmosphere. I can honestly say I've not only overcome injuries and healed  in her class but also have grown so much in my personal practice because of her incredible teaching techniques. Absolutely one of my favorite yoga teachers and mentors.

Zanobia Paruk

Rajaa has been my saving grace! I cannot say enough about her skills and her knowledge of the practice. I am one of her regular yin yoga students.  Yin has brought me physical health, but more importantly peace and an overall feeling of well-being! I feel fortunate to practice with Rajaa and will be forever grateful!!

Rajaa is very thorough in her approach and explanation of each pose. And most importantly, I really enjoy them!! Practicing with Rajaa captures the philosophy and presence of the movement which calms my mind and keeps my body healthy and strong.

​I also have enjoyed the yoga retreat she hosted last summer at Nirvana retreat center. This was my first experience, but I must say I will do it again with Rajaa. Thank you!!

Surangi Parikh

I would like to give you an overdue shout out Thanks, for the wonderful time my sister Olga, her son Jayson and I had at our very first Yoga retreat.

The venue Nirvana retreat was very comfortable, the grounds were beautiful and the vegetarian food was more than deliciously filling!

We enjoyed the every morning and afternoon yoga practices with the very invigorating breath work and meditation sessions .... the people we got to meet were like minded and a pleasure to mingle with!

I am so thankful that I had the chance to experience my very first yoga retreat with you.

You are an awesome teacher! Once, my son asked me what makes a good yoga teacher, and I said when they take the time to explain every move, how to safely practice it, explain its benefits, and instruct with care and a little humour.

I would love to join you on your next year Yoga retreat!

Namaste with respect and love!

Delia Chong

I have been practicing yoga for about 20 years.  Rajaa’s classes are not just about physically tuning in but combining the mental and spiritual components as well.  This is what yoga is about;  unifying the mind, body and spirit.  I appreciate how Rajaa takes the time to explain injury prevention while guiding through the basic poses to the most advanced.

The breath-work during the class just brings the experience to the next level.  At the end of the class my body not only feels relaxed and calm but also strong and grounded.

 Manandir Kaur

I am very new to yoga, but as soon as I started I got so much interested because of the great teachings of Rajaa, a certified master yoga teacher plus mind and body expert.

After attending a few classes, I decided to stick just to Rajaa’s classes; I try to follow her wherever she teaches. Her teaching style is amazing with very soothing voice and care for everyone in class. Her yoga poses do really leave a great impact on my body and soul.

I also had the chance to attend a retreat hosted by Rajaa in the summer and it was such an amazing experience. Right from the retreat place, the pond, the fully vegetarian food, to the yoga classes were such an amazing experience that I enjoyed to its fullest and would love to join again and again.

 Aijaz Qureshi

I started a hot yoga class around April 2019.  My goal was to learn gradually to move fluidly, improve my gait and relieve stress.  I've been attending regularly since and began to experience less joint pain, better sleep and overall agility inmovement.  Rajaa's style of teaching is instructive and the variation in the poses she includes in each class keeps it both interesting and challenging.  She provides feedback and ensures there are many gradual choices in each pose to help us reach our goals according to our bodies' abilities.  I enjoy my weekly Yoga and hot Yin Yoga very much and look forward to continuing for a long time to come.

Adrina David

Thank you for leading an exceptional yoga retreat! This weekend was beautiful in so many ways - the location, the people, the food, and of course, your instruction. I found the classes to be an excellent blend of breathing, mindfulness and Yoga, and it was truly suitable for all levels. While I had my struggles, this weekend was a success for me in that I overcame some of my stress and anxiety, and was able to enjoy and benefit from the exercises. Thank you so much, Rajaa! I very much look forward to the next one!!

Claudia Crusell-Balogh

Rajaa is an amazing yoga teacher. I always leave her class with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Throughout the class I embrace the instructions she gives, telling us how to,(i) get in and out of each pose safely, (ii)correct the poses that we are in; this helps me to maximize the benefit from each pose.

Rajaa tailors her class to suit the needs of the beginner to the advanced so we all leave at the end of the class feeling successful in our practice. I know I do! And we talk about this constantly after class.

Cheryl McCarty-Campbell

First, I would like to say Thank You for such great hot yoga classes. Every practice is a new challenge and a very enjoyable journey. I love your patience and your motivation to encourage us to step out of our comfort zone. Your classes have been very beneficial for both: my mind and body. I always look forward to attending your classes. You are an amazing teacher.

Thank you.

Paulina Garsztka

Rajaa is one of the best Yoga teachers that I have come across. She brings a positive vibe into the class. Her method of instruction and the flow of her sequences are excellent.  The way she teaches and breaks down the poses, makes even the hardest poses easy to do. For example I learned to practice headstand in her classes. I think she is an excellent teacher and I truly appreciate her.

Uzma Feeroze

I attended Rajaa’s class the other evening and it was the best decision I made. Rajaa taught us how to practice headstand which I never thought I would ever be able to do. Guess what! with a big smile I did it with her detailed instructions.  She paired us with spotting partners and to the whole classes’ amazement we all stood on our heads with pride and joy.  She moved that whole class to the next level. She made us believe in ourselves and in our spotting partner and made us believe we could do anything.  I left her class feeling on top of the world.  Thank you Rajaa!

Rania Zahreddine

I have had 3 car accidents that compromised my spine. I could no longer do my grocery shopping, house work and more.  Since I started yin yoga with Rajaa I am now more flexible and relaxed. I am no longer an emotional wreck or grumpy. Yoga allows me to sleep longer, be more aware of my body and act quickly when injured. Try it once with an open mind and you will never regret it.

Evelyn Thompson

I absolutely love Rajaa’s classes. I always look forward to trying new poses and pushing myself to achieve better balance and strength. Thanks again for your guidance in your yoga sessions.

Donna Steenson

If you want to learn yoga in a very true and authentic way then trust me Rajaa is the best. She is an amazing teacher and I highly recommended her. I have been doing one to one sessions with her to relief my back and neck pain and she really does have healing hands! Thank you Rajaa from deep down of my heart. Love you

Mona Ganguli

Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals in yoga practice. You’ve been an inspiration to me always.


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