Mindfulness - Based Eating Awareness Training

The Official Science - Backed Training

Mindful Eating Program

A 12 week research-based program designed to end the cycle of dieting.

Liberate yourself from the dieting mentality
End emotional eating, overeating & binge eating
End Food Cravings
Free yourself from the obsession of food and weight
Cultivate a real relationship with food that is healthy and sustainable
Cultivate a positive body image

Let's See if this Program is for you

  • Do you feel you don’t have self-control around food?

  • Are there certain foods that once you take a bite you cannot stop eating?

  • Do you tell yourself that you will have only one bite then end up eating the whole piece or bag, and then feel guilty and promise yourself that this would be the last time?

  • Do you feel anxious when invited to dinner because you have been "good" during the week and you are afraid that you will blow all the hard work during this dinner?

  • Do you restrict your calorie intake during the week so that you can binge on the weekends?

  • Do you fast all day on the days you are going out for dinner, so that you can eat freely?

  • Do you spend a lot of time and energy obsessing about what, when, and how much to eat, what size your body should be and should look, how much you should weigh, what clothes make you look slimmer?

  • Do you weigh yourself multiple times a day?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable with your natural body shape, or resentment towards certain body parts or you wish them to look different?

  • Do you post on social media the photos with the angles that make you look thinner? Or even photoshop them?

  • Do you eat as a response to certain emotions like boredom, loneliness, anger, sadness, fear..etc?

  • Do you have an all or nothing mentality? 

  • Do you eliminate entire food groups like carbs, fats, sugar, dessert and then end up overeating them at some point?

  • When you eat a certain type of food that you think you shouldn’t be eating, do you promise yourself every time that this will be the last time so you end up finishing the whole pack, pint or box?

  • Do you categorize food as good foods and bad foods? And beat yourself up when you eat from the bad food category?

  • Do you feel guilt and shame after you overeat or after eating a type of food that you think you shouldn’t be eating?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions then this program is for you. MB-EAT is created by Dr. Jean Kristeller at the University of Indiana, and backed by years of National Institute of Health (NIH) funding and research.

What if you just let yourself eat anything you want?

When nothing is off limits we free ourselves from the binge and restrict cycles

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